2015 LED five development trends

2014 is a year full of challenges for LED manufacturers, lighting demand stronger than expected in the first half, once causing LED demand, however due to repeat customers in the second half and illuminating pathways end inventory too high impact emerging, LED market frozen added competitive pressure on prices, and generally not good in the second half. In particular China lighting lighting engineering forces rise, LED prices down, lighting engineering goals will try to pull the threshold for high-tech, and new special applications, to escape the cutthroat price competition in the Red Sea. Is for 2015 lighting bright of engineering development trend by proposed of five big forecast: 1. big who constant big, China LED manufacturers city accounted for rate continued increased, 2.LED lighting customer continued looking for more low cost of solution programme, 3. looking for special application new blue sea to upgrade profit, 4. car with LED output yearly growth, which to car outside lighting of growth range maximum, 5. backlight LED specifications to thin of and high color saturated direction evolution.