Analysis on automobile LED lamp market trends

At present, the headlamp has been developed to the fourth generation, the first generation car direct light is produced by fuel combustion glow; the second generation cars light source incandescent; the third-generation car lamp is a gas discharge lamp; the fourth generation car light is light emitting diode (LED). LED lights led directly by the electrical energy into light energy, as compared with ordinary high luminous efficiency of the lamp, bulb power consumption is only as powerful as traditional light 1/10, so they can better save fuel, protect the circuit from being excessive load current to burn out. In addition, the taillights of the development market will change in the future. Will no longer be strong demand on the European market, 80% automobile led tail light products are sold around the world to the Middle East, South America and other emerging markets. From South Asia, Latin America, Oceania, the Middle East and other emerging markets taillights market share will grow exponentially.