Architectural LED lighting design should consider to what

Buildings of landscape LED lighting design in overall of consider has following points is first to confirmed of: 1 watch of direction, 2 distance, 3 around environment and the background, 4 decided by hope of lights effect, 5 select for of light, 6 decided by needed of as degrees, 7 select appropriate of lamps, 8 as degrees and lamps number of calculation. above the steps completed zhihou, according to by selected of light, and lamps, and installation location, conditions of as degrees calculation to decided lamps number, to installation completed Hou of effect can as close by expects of. Project of the building of appearance using lights at night, their effect and the day is felt to be some differences. Therefore, the LED lighting project design, the income effect is not necessarily the same effect during the day, but the important thing is the building is shown.