Magical world of LED lighting applications in foreign countries

United States Monterrey Bay Aquarium Biological Research Institute (MBARI) engineers designed a camera system called SeeStar, allows researchers and enthusiasts more convenient underwater video and photography. SeeStar system consists of a camera, battery and LED light is composed of three parts, compact size, connection is simple, each with separate pressure hull, can withstand water pressure operation of 300 meters. At present, Australia researchers have expressed strong interest in this invention due to climate and environmental change, Australia is facing the threat of massive coral bleaching off the coast. India ancient city of Varanasi's recent plan to replace the 84 stone road lamps along the Ganges LED lamps, total installations of more than 1200. Since then, Varanasi, also plans to replace other lots of LED lighting in the urban areas, total replacement level of about 35000 streetlights.