Application Of IP65 LED Flood Driver In Production And Life

LED high-power cast light can produce a variety of colors, the resulting color chase effect used in buildings and decoration, the lamp body is made of aluminum alloy, completely sealed and reliable, waterproof grade IP65, adjustable projection angle, to Most satisfied with the lighting effect.IP65 LED Flood Driver

Light-emitting diode (LED) is a kind of energy can be converted into light energy of solid devices, its structure mainly by the PN junction chip, electrode and optical systems. The basic working principle of the LED is a process of electro-optical conversion. When a forward bias is applied to both ends of the PN junction, the positive charge of the P region will spread to the N region due to the decrease of the pn junction barrier. P zone diffusion, while the formation of non-equilibrium charge in both regions.IP65 LED Flood Driver

Since the minority carriers generated by the current injection are relatively unstable, for the PN junction system, the non-equilibrium holes injected into the valence band are recombined with the electrons in the conduction band, where the excess energy will radiate outward in the form of light, The greater the energy difference between electrons and holes, the higher the energy of the photon. The energy level difference is different, the frequency  Urban lighting design is a comprehensive disciplines of the application of the project, it involves the professional areas of knowledge, such as road lighting involving traffic science, landscape lighting related to urban environmental art, lighting lighting design is very complex. Therefore, lighting engineering design to master the theory of lighting design, but also to understand the new developments in lighting technology at home and abroad, to promote green lighting project. The new century, the city and the building needs to be bright, pleasant, elegant, beautiful, more personalized, innovative ideas, neither light pollution, but also save energy Habitat light environment.IP65 LED Flood Driver