Balanced LED Driver For Flood Light

               Almost all of the direct-change LED bulbs have a large aluminum heat sink, the shape to be consistent with the design, there are many fin expansion surface area. High brightness led heating, it must be scattered in the surrounding air, in order to prevent overheating and prolong service life.LED Driver For Flood Light

               Although the LEDs themselves are not accessible, they usually maintain an electrical connection to the heatsink, as any isolation between them is equivalent to a thermal barrier. The design of the isolator requires thinner fins to reduce the barrier, but it does not provide reliable electrical isolation. As a result, engineers generally prefer to use isolated flyback drive circuits rather than simpler but not isolated step-down structures. The flyback led driver also has the ability of simple, low-cost, high power factor, and adding some circuits can be compatible with the common triac (three-terminal alternating current) dimmer.LED Driver For Flood Light

               The core element of the flyback led driving circuit is a coupling inductance. The large voltage MOSFET is used to switch the inductor on the DC bus to primary. When the switch is connected, the current in the inductor rises and the energy is stored in the magnetic field. For this reason, an inductance core requires an air gap. Mosft switching interrupts the primary current, so the current must flow into the secondary windings rather than through the diode and into the output capacitance and load. During this time, the energy in the inductor is transmitted to the output end. Because the MOSFET conduction current does not flow to the output end, so the output end need a storage capacitance, for the led to provide continuous current.LED Driver For Flood Light