Considerations For Installation Of IP65 LED Flood Driver

    Floodlight installation and precautions, the installation of floodlight, the materials to be used: LED guardrail lamp clip, with waterproof function of the transformer, the control device, the steps are as follows: installation of guardrail, punching holes in the wall, spacing in accordance with the actual requirements, generally within 3 cm; do a good job in anti-static measures, such as the workbench to grounding, workers wear the corresponding electrostatic clothing, Antistatic measures, because different grades of LED floodlight quality is different, anti-static ability is different; installation attention to sealing, poor sealing, diameter affect led floodlight of the service life; LED floodlight wiring preferably not exceeding 25 cm, transformer power can be correspondingly longer, otherwise affect brightness.IP65 LED Flood Driver

    Welding use of the following voltage of 25 watts, soldering iron temperature under 300 degrees Celsius in the high temperature state of the bare SMD, do not squeeze its epoxy, or with a sharp object to wipe, because LED lamps are very fragile, very easy to damage, welding time 3 seconds. LED floodlight is widely used, so the installation of tips and precautions is very important, LED is a new light source, in the correct installation mode, to ensure that led floodlight stable long-term normal work.IP65 LED Flood Driver

    In a variety of flash lamp cap with a soft light, it becomes a soft light. The light of the light emitted by the flash light from the flashlight and reflected light of the reflector mixture, and then through the soft light cover transmission spread. Soft light is characterized by providing an average and sufficient lighting, light and light, but the direction is generally stronger than the umbrella lamp, contrast clear, projection concentrated in the umbrella lamp, rich in good levels of performance. IP65 LED Flood Driver

    The floodlight is the most commonly used lamp, which is made up of an electronic flash reflector. The light produced by the floodlight is the direct hard light, the brightness of the light is high, the direction is strong, the contrast is large, and the projection is thick. In addition, the optical value of the central part of the optical region is high and the marginal part is significantly attenuated.IP65 LED Flood Driver