Current Voltage Of LED Driver For Flood Light

     The so-called power supply refers to the origin of the supply of electricity, with electricity meters can be measured to output voltage. The so-called drive is a power conversion circuit that converts a fixed-mode power supply to a different voltage or/or other type of power supply that supplies specific power requirements. So the drive becomes power after the power is plugged in. A power adapter commonly used in electronic products is an external drive for electronic products.LED Driver For Flood Light

    LED chips are working at low voltage DC, usually require a power drive to supply a stable voltage and safe current. The LED light drive has built-in and external. Now the built-in drive LED lights on the specified use of the power supply (such as communication mains, batteries, etc.) can be used. LED lights requiring external drives are to be plugged in with the appropriate power adapter (or external drive) to the original power supply (such as mains, batteries, etc.) to supply the LED chipset with the required working power supply.LED Driver For Flood Light

    Periodically eliminate the dust and dirt on the casing of the explosion-proof lamp, improve the light efficiency and the heat dissipation performance of the luminaire. The cleaning method can be based on the protection capability of the lamp casing, using spray water (above the sign on the luminaire) or wiping with damp cloth. When the water is washed, the power should be cut off, and the plastic housing of the luminaire should be strictly prohibited. Check the transparent parts have no foreign body impact traces, the protection of the network has no loosening, welding, corrosion and so on. If so, should stop use, timely maintenance replacement.LED Driver For Flood Light

    Light source damage should be in time to turn off the lights, notice replacement, lest because the light source can not start and ballast and other electrical components for a long period of abnormal state. In the humid environment of lamps and lanterns used in the cavity should be removed in a timely manner, the replacement of sealing parts, to ensure the protection of the shell performance.LED Driver For Flood Light