Green Tariff For A Year, Hundred Led

LED (Light-Emitting-Diode in Chinese meaning for light emitting diode) is a kind of electric energy translated into visible light semiconductor, it changed an incandescent tungsten light and energy-saving lights Tri-phosphor powder led the principle of and the use of electric light. Now, the LED lights more and more popular. Ordinary incandescent light bulbs, it has many advantages, such as energy saving, long life, no UV rays, but also power. LED high efficiency light source using direct current no strobe, with an eye to work without fatigue for a long time, to protect your eyes. In addition, energy conservation and environmental protection is also a highlight of it. Is an account: LED lamp available 50,000 hours, even if the full 12 hours a day, can also be used for 11 years. If you spend 3 hours a day, then from child birth to College do not have to change the bulb. Incandescent lamp life of 1000 hours.