Introduction To IP65 LED Flood Driver

            Drives are broadly defined as driving hardware that drives certain types of devices. In the computer domain, the drive refers to a disk drive. A storage area formatted with a file system and with a drive letter. A storage area can be a floppy disk, a CD, a hard disk, or other types of disks. Click the appropriate icon in Windows Explorer or My computer to view the contents of the drive.

           As for the hard drive, because it is not removable, it is fixed in the drive, that is, hard disk and hard drive is one. To insert a floppy disk into the floppy disk drive to pay attention to the direction, 3.5-inch disk should be inserted when the hinge-oriented, metal plate facing the front of the drive mouth, hear the pop-up button "click" A pop-up, indicating that the floppy disk is plugged in.IP65 LED Flood Driver

          When you take out, you should first click the Eject button, the floppy disk will automatically eject part, and then pull out the floppy disk. Nowadays, fewer people use 5.2-inch disks, and a 5.2-inch floppy disk drive is rarely installed on the computer. It is noteworthy that there is a small light on the top or bottom of the floppy disk drive, indicating that the computer is reading or writing a floppy disk in this drive when the light is on, the hard drive's LED is also on the front panel of the host box and the indicator is on, indicating that the computer is reading or writing the.IP65 LED Flood Driver

         When the drive light is on, you cannot remove the floppy disk or shutdown in the appropriate drive, or you may cause damage to your disk. A computer may have more than one soft, hard drive, how do you differentiate them? We take the method of naming the drive. The name of the drive is expressed in a single English letter, with A and b to represent the floppy disk drive, with C, D, E to represent the hard drive, and the optical drive is generally expressed in letter H. In this way, we often say "a drive, B drive, C drive, D drive", each computer generally has only one optical drive, so often referred to as the "optical drive."IP65 LED Flood Driver