Introduction To The Application Of Round Driver

     The monitor driver has stopped responding and has successfully recovered the problem when the computer is running, especially in the game, this problem, the symptom is: screen suddenly black screen, after a few seconds to return to normal, and in the lower right corner of the taskbar notification area Show "monitor driver stopped responding and successfully restored", Sometimes the computer makes a lot of noise.Round Driver

     The monitor driver has stopped responding and has successfully recovered the solution: Reinstall the video drive, some of the computers have this problem because they are not installed or are not properly installed with the video driver. A computer with some integrated video cards does not install the integrated graphics driver after the Win7 is installed or the motherboard chipset driver can also display the aero effects normally, but this problem often occurs, so the correct installation drive can solve this problem well.Round Driver

     Drive the installation with the drive life to complete. If there is a problem with the video card after installation, you can view the solution to the problem of updating the video card driver and the resolution of the screen. If the driver is also installed, still have this problem, may try to modify the registry, theoretically, all hardware devices need to install the appropriate driver to work properly. But like CPU, memory, motherboard, floppy drive, keyboard, monitor and other devices do not need to install the driver can also work properly, and video card, sound card, network card, etc. but must install the driver, otherwise it will not work properly. Why is that?Round Driver

     This is mainly because these hardware are required for a personal computer, so early designers listed them as hardware that the BIOS can support directly. In other words, the above hardware installation can be directly supported by the BIOS and operating system, no need to install drivers. From this perspective, the BIOS is also a driver. But for other hardware, such as network cards, sound cards, video cards, and so on, you have to install the drivers, or the hardware will not work properly.Round Driver

     Third-party drivers generally refer to the drivers that are based on the official drive optimized by the hardware product OEM manufacturer. Third-party drivers are stable and compatible, and are based on official official editions of the drive optimization and have better features and stronger overall performance than official editions. Therefore, for the brand machine users, the author recommended that the user's preferred driver is the third-party drive, the second election is the official version of the drive; for assembler users, third-party-driven options may be relatively complex, so official version-driven is still preferred.Round Driver