Introduction To The Definition Of Round Driver

     The driver (device Driver) is all called the "equipment Driver", is a special program can make the computer and equipment communication, can say the equivalent of hardware interface, the operating system can only through this interface, can control the work of hardware equipment, if a device driver failed to install correctly, it will not work properly. Graphics driver installation For this reason, the driver's position in the system is very important, generally when the operating system is installed, the first is to install hardware device drivers.Round Driver
    The device driver uses the hardware itself to tell the operating system to complete the translation of the hardware device's electronic signal to the operating system and the advanced programming language of the software. When the operating system needs to use a piece of hardware, such as: Let the sound card play music, it will first send the corresponding instructions to the sound card driver, the sound card driver received, immediately translated into a sound card to understand the electronic signal command, so that the sound card play music. So, in short, the driver provides an interface to the operating system and coordinates the relationship between the two, because drivers have such an important role, people call the "driver is the soul of hardware" and "Hardware Master", while the driver is also portrayed as "the bridge between hardware and systems". A computer driver disk that is a small piece of code added to the operating system that contains information about the hardware device.Round Driver
    When you install new hardware, you're always asked to put in "This hardware driver," and many people start to get headaches. The disk of the driver is not found, either the location of the file cannot be found, or the driver is not known at all. For example, installing a printer such as a hardware peripherals, not to connect the connecting line even if completed, if you start to use this time, the system will tell you, can not find the driver.Round Driver
    In a software test: In a bottom-up test, you write a module called test-driven to invoke the module that is being tested. The test driver module hangs in the same way as the test module, sends the test case data to the test module, accepts the return result, verifies that the result is correct, and so the program will drive the program. Otherwise, like printers, stereos, computers are not recognized. Every computer has a driver when it buys. In theory, all hardware devices need to be installed with the appropriate drivers to function properly. But like CPU, memory, motherboard, floppy drive, keyboard, monitor and other devices do not need to install the driver can also work properly, and video card, sound card, network card, etc. but must install the driver, otherwise it will not work properly.Round Driver