IP65 LED Flood Driver

              The drive led requires a controlled DC current. In order to make the service life of LED longer, the ripple in the LED current must be very low, because the high ripple current will cause the led to have the big resistive power consumption, reduces the LED service life. LED drive circuits need to be more efficient, because the overall efficiency depends not only on the LED itself, but also on the driving circuit. The switching converters, which work in the current control mode, are ideal driving schemes to meet the high power and high-efficiency requirements of LED applications.IP65 LED Flood Driver

               Driving multiple LEDs also requires careful consideration. Fig. 1 is a series-parallel connection circuit of LED. LED parallel connection circuit. LED series Connection circuit. Because the dynamic impedance and forward pressure drop of each LED is not the same, if there is no external flow circuit (such as current mirror), it is impossible to ensure that the current flow through the LED is the same; In addition, because an LED failure will cause the LED string to disconnect, resulting in all led current distribution between the remaining led strings, which will cause the LED string to increase the current, which may damage the LED.IP65 LED Flood Driver

               For Low-voltage applications in the LED driver, the Up-down pressure Converter is a good choice. The reason is that they can be used above and below the input voltage to drive the LED string (Boost and step-down), high efficiency (easy to reach more than 85%), discontinuous operating mode can inhibit the change of input voltage (provide excellent line voltage regulation), peak current control mode allows the converter to adjust the LED current, without complex compensation (simplified design), easy to achieve linear and PWM led brightness adjustment, switching transistor failure will not damage the LED and so on. Fig. 2 shows the connection circuit of step-down, Step-Up and up-down pressure converters and led strings.IP65 LED Flood Driver