IP65 LED Flood Driver Actuator Problems

     The current LED lighting and traditional light fixtures in many aspects of the differences. First, the traditional light lamp life can be exchanged damaged light source, lamp control installation to meet the requirements, so ordinary do not evaluate the traditional light source lamp life. LED lighting is LED light source and the enclosure, the current LED lighting life and LED light source of their own life, led drivers and lamps supply to led the situation and many other factors. For the difference of LED energy-saving lamps, its life expectancy as long as the relevant life characteristics evaluation ability to determine.IP65 LED Flood Driver

     Secondly, with the traditional light source lighting differences, LED lighting is the use of multiple LED light source or module light-emitting body composition and luminous, LED lamps in the light between the color difference, the need to use the color space to evaluate the color of the LED lighting space distribution status, evaluation LED lamps exist differences in the angle of view color difference.IP65 LED Flood Driver

     Once again, the traditional illumination light source may carry on the photometric test alone, the photometric measurement may use the relative method. Because of the integration of LED lamps and the extreme sensitivity of LED light source, it is not suitable for the LED light source to be separated from the luminaire alone to measure, photometric measurement should use absolute method of LED energy-saving lamps all photometric testing. Four, traditional lighting lamps used to evaluate the efficiency of lamps, and LED lamps using energy efficiency or light efficiency to evaluate.IP65 LED Flood Driver

     Nowadays, the life performance measurement and evaluation of traditional light source has been standardized and interchangeability, so the life of traditional light source lamp can be satisfied by replacing the damaged light source and the control device of the lamp designed by the life of 10, so it is generally not evaluated. IP65 LED Flood Driver

     LED lamp life and led life expectancy, led drivers and lamps provided to the LED environment and many other factors, and the current LED light form more, in addition to the standard lamp led, other LED lamps do not have interchangeability, so for different LED lamps, Its lifespan can only be determined by the relevant life evaluation. When evaluating the life of an LED lamp, it is necessary not only to claim the optical service life (LX), but also to claim the failure rate (FX).IP65 LED Flood Driver