IP65 LED Flood Driver Circuit Is Very Different

The main advantage of xenon lamp is the flash pulse produced high-power optical output, and the advantages of the LED scheme is relatively small and thin size, and in the video capture can lead to longer time, although its optical output compared with xenon lamp is only medium. In particular, the flash pulses provided by the xenon lamp are very short and can make the picture captured by the camera take a stationary picture. They require special drives to produce high pressure and large storage capacity to store electrical energy.IP65 LED Flood Driver The Xenon lamp has a glass enclosure, each end having an electrode filled with a low-pressure rare gas mixture. In steady state, the voltage value on the electrode is set to be lower than the triggering voltage. There is no current flow at this point, and the system remains stable until the triggering voltage is applied on the third electrode. For the low power lamp considered, the high-voltage pulse is in 1kV range, it comes from the transformer with the small magnetic core, which is triggered by the sudden discharge of the capacitance C2.IP65 LED Flood Driver

In addition to the DC voltage, a high-voltage pulse must be provided to excite the plasma in the bulb, producing a high-intensity arc between the two electrodes. The amplitude of the pulse depends on the type of bulb used in the system, from a lower 1.6kV to 10kV. A micro xenon lamp is applied to the third external electrode of the lamp tube, 1.6kv/5μs pulse triggering, which is generated by connecting the special pulse transformer shown in Fig. 2 with the high-voltage capacitor. The capacitor is charged to the Flash DC voltage (200V) and suddenly discharges to the lower end of the pulse transformer after the trigger button S1. From the secondary pressure exerted on the bulb (outside the surface), the flash is stimulated.The main advantage of this concept is that the light output is large, and the pulse duration is very short, so that the quick shot can solidify the moving object at some point. IP65 LED Flood Driver The disadvantage of this design is that the size of the energy storage capacitor requires a higher voltage on the board, and the capacitor needs to recharge during the filming period (the charging time for the consumer application is 5-10 seconds). According to the sensitivity of the imager and the aperture of the lens, the relatively small capacitance in the general environment of consumer applications is sufficient to take bright pictures. Therefore, a simple converter can be used to elevate the battery voltage to the 200V voltage required by the low-voltage xenon lamp. Figure 3: Low and secondary output voltage waveforms.IP65 LED Flood Driver