IP65 LED Flood Driver Introduces The Performance Of Floodlight

     LED Floodlight-Basic content. Light composition: Cree high-power LED (color temperature can be customized for users), beam divergence angle: 5-120° (can be customized for users) 5-degree angle is the searchlight, can play more than 200 meters, service life ≥ 30,000 hours; Shell material: metal die-forming; mask material: High clear and transparent tempered glass; 560mmx300mm; input voltage: $literal IP65 LED Flood Driver

     Voltage regulator Range: ac130-264v; Power: 200w-300w (Power can be customized according to actual application).

Temperature range: -40℃--+50℃; humidity range: 0--95%; protection rating: IP65; construction sites, aerial vehicles, plazas, parks, art sites, factory buildings, gymnasiums, golf courses, shops, subway platforms, petrol filling stations, buildings, sculptures, Landscaping lighting and other places and lighting decoration.IP65 LED Flood Driver

     In all the elements that build the city's night scene, Floodlight is the most widely used one kind of light source, because it produces is the highly diffuse, the direction-free light, its light is soft and transparent, often in the nightscape lighting plays the role of the pen, is also a lighting designer loved a lamp.IP65 LED Flood Driver

     But for the selection of LED floodlight, the focus of lighting designers is not on the light efficiency and cost, "for floodlights, general light efficiency and color rendering, manufacturers can do, mainly to consider the life and safety regulations," in addition to the light efficiency and cost, sometimes we think, the product can be done more carefully, do more texture a little. " , "more power selectivity". IP65 LED Flood Driver

     Get this product when, let a person in front of a bright, compact appearance, built-in power design, work very exquisite, feel smooth, no sharp corners, is a professional type of full die-casting aluminum lamp body. The front of the lamp body is the former tempered glass, the lower right corner is marked with IP65, the surface of this lamp protection grade has reached IP65. The back is obviously different from the traditional light source floodlight led elements, that is, the unique cast aluminum radiator, to ensure that the system cooling well.IP65 LED Flood Driver