IP65 LED Flood Driver Specific Parameters

    Features: LED floodlight source of imported chips, high luminous efficiency, long life. Smart constant current control circuit, stable performance, good heat dissipation effect. The light source is ideal for high-end products exhibition use, CE and ROHS requirements. Energy saving: energy saving of 60% to 70% or more Environmental protection: no pollution elements, more than 99% of the recoverable rate is true green light green color: good color rendering index is greater than 85, light color soft, The natural color of the object can be installed adaptability: can be installed in any direction, unrestricted Applications: suitable for factories, warehouses, large supermarkets, exhibition halls, gymnasiums, billboards, highways, railway tunnels, bridges and culverts.IP65 LED Flood Driver

    Indoor and outdoor lighting Rated luminous efficiency: 100lm / w Power efficiency: ≥0.95 Lamp rated luminous flux: 30000 lm Illumination and effective irradiation area Illumination Effective area of exposure 5M lux Diameter of 8m round height 6M lux Diameter of 10m round height 7M lux diameter 11.5 (CCI): 2700-6500K Optional light-emitting angle: 45 ° 90 ° 120 ° Light distribution curve (spot): Round spot Input voltage: AC85-265V Frequency range (CRI): Ra ≥75 Color temperature (CCT) : 50-60Hz power factor (PF): 0.95 total harmonic distortion (THD): ≤ 15% storage temperature: -40 ℃ - + 80 ℃ working environment: -40 ℃ - + 50 ℃; 10% -90% RH working life: 50000H Protection Level: IP65 Light Material: Aluminum.IP65 LED Flood Driver

     The following 30W floodlight as an example: Appearance: aluminum alloy shell forming, the surface anti-oxidation anti-corrosion treatment 1. Luminous flux: 3000-3300Lm2. Operating voltage: AC 85-265V3. Internal constant current module, constant current output 930mA , The voltage 32V.4. Beam: (6 meters) Beam diameter of 3.3 meters 5. Illumination: (6 meters) for the 40 LUX6. Light source life: 50,000 hours or more 7. Circuit life: to ensure that more than 3 years 8 Material: green high - pressure die - casting aluminum alloy lamp shell 9. dustproof waterproof rating: IP65 ~ IP68 Pu micro respirator 10. efficiency> 90%. Drive on the power of some of the marked no power is only marked voltage from how much to how many V current how much MA with the voltage * current equal to the power to know how much to drive the number of W to the number of W is generally integrated or integrated lamp beads Which is how many points is the number of W in addition to 10W is 9 points in accordance with the number of points counted IP65 LED Flood Driver