IP67 LED Flood Driver Design Field Description

Solid state lighting is rapidly becoming one of the hot topics in the field of electromechanical engineering and design. LED to achieve a combination of flexibility and efficiency, which is the traditional lighting technology can not be compared. LED can provide long-term stable and reliable lighting, and the use of small packages, so the construction and stage lighting applications are widely used. However, each of the different lighting applications have their own unique, different market areas need to have different characteristics of the product.IP67 LED Flood Driver

Therefore, the market trend of integrated circuits continue to strengthen the trend, but also led to a variety of product models have become more colorful. Programmable mixed-signal microcontrollers are being used quickly because a single microcontroller can integrate a variety of peripherals such as pulse width modulators (PWMs), communication interfaces, amplifiers, comparators, and data converters.IP67 LED Flood Driver

Typical LED systems include communication interfaces, LEDs of different colors (each channel represents a channel), intelligent functions, and constant current drivers for each channel. The communication interface can be DMX512 or DALI, which is two standard lighting protocols, in addition to ZigBee or wireless USB interface. The intelligent function can be implemented with a built-in analog-to-digital converter (ADC) and a microcontroller that dims the LEDs. ADC used to monitor temperature and LED current and other system variables, complete the system monitoring and color mixing tasks. The driver provides a constant current for each LED in the channel. The complexity and quality of the drive determines the price of the drive.IP67 LED Flood Driver

The converter is started and enters the charging phase until the inductor current reaches the ITH_HIGH threshold. The time required for the current to reach the threshold is called the rise time (trise), which depends on the input voltage and the inductor current value: Since the denominator of the above equation is the inductance value, the rise time is proportional to the inductance value. Reducing the rise time is very important for dimming, since the reduced pulse width facilitates the use of higher resolution modulators, but this is not the only reason for using smaller inductance values. Low-value inductors (with a very high rated current) are physically smaller and less expensive than high-value inductors, and low-value inductors of the same size package have higher current than high-value inductors.IP67 LED Flood Driver