IP67 LED Flood Driver Of The Wide Range Of Applications

From the main application of high-power IP67 LED Flood Driver ---- landscape lights, to analyze high-power IP67 LED Flood Driver, landscape lighting market as the largest IP67 LED Flood Drivermarket applications, the share of about 43%. Its new round of rapid growth will drive the overall IP67 LED Flood Driverindustry's rapid development. Shanghai, Xiamen, Beijing, Dalian, Nanchang and other large and medium-sized city landscape lighting has been considerable size, completed a considerable part of the IP67 LED Flood Driverdemonstration project, which in the large and medium cities demonstration project successfully completed with the successful use of the Olympic venues, Indicating that IP67 LED Flood Driverin landscape lighting technology has become more mature. Whether it is domestic or foreign, the city's landscape is a city's landmark building products, and as the landscape lighting neon lights around the world due to energy, energy saving, environmental protection and other issues gradually replaced by LED landscape lights, around the world about 70 Million cities, with a city of 5000 calculation, a lamp about 1,000 yuan calculation, the light of these huge economic benefits are unpredictable.

The driver is the core of IP67 LED Flood Drivercomponents, with the LED chip technology mature, LED light source quality has been very reliable, in many cases LED lights are from the drive failure. High-power LED drive power is a new industry, has not yet formed a concentrated industrial clusters, therefore, regional is not obvious. And the number of enterprises entering the industry is not much, therefore, the intensity of competition is low.

(1) constant current: a, constant current drive circuit output current is constant, and the output of the DC voltage with the load resistance of the size of a change in a certain range, the load resistance is small, the output voltage is low, The greater the load resistance, the higher the output voltage; b, constant current circuit is not afraid of load short circuit, but the load is strictly open. C, constant current drive circuit to drive LED is ideal, but relatively high prices. D, should pay attention to the use of the maximum withstand current and voltage, which limits the number of LED use; (2) regulator type: a, when the regulator circuit in the parameters determined, the output voltage is fixed, and The output current changes with the load increase or decrease; b, the regulator circuit is not afraid of load open circuit, but the load is strictly short circuit. C, to drive the driver circuit to drive the LED, each string need to add the appropriate resistance to each string of LED display brightness average; d, brightness will be affected by the rectification of the voltage changes.