IP67 LED Flood Driver Tells You What Is The Floodlight

    What is floodlight? Floodlight, as the name implies, is a point of light that can be uniformly illuminated in all directions. Its range of illumination can be arbitrarily adjusted, in the scene for the performance of a positive octahedral icon. The floodlights are the most widely used light source in effect making, and the standard floodlights are used to illuminate the entire scene. Multiple floodlights can be used in the scene to produce better results. Floodlight is the most widely used in the effect of a light source, the scene can be used to coordinate the role of multiple floodlights to the birth of a better effect. From a specific point to the direction of uniform irradiation of objects, use it to analog light bulbs and candles better. Floodlights can be placed anywhere in the scene. For example, it can be placed outside the scope of the camera, or inside the object. It is common to use many different colors of floodlights in the scene. These floodlights can be darkly projected and mixed on the model. As the floodlight range is relatively large, the floodlight effect is very easy to predict, and this light there are many auxiliary purposes, for example, the floodlight placed near the surface of the object, the object surface To produce bright light.IP67 LED Flood Driver

    It should be noted that the floodlight can not be established too much, otherwise the effect will appear dull and dull. So in the usual effect of the production map, and more attention to experience the lighting parameters and layout of the effect of the scene effect of the scene, the accumulation of experience, master the light with the skills. Floodlight applications: As one of the important products of the lighting market, floodlights are gradually being used in different industries. The floodlight illuminates objects from a specific point in all directions, so it is better to use it to simulate bulbs and candles.IP67 LED Flood Driver

    Floodlights are not spotlights, projection lamps, spotlights. The floodlight produces a highly diffuse, non-directional light rather than a clear beam of light, and the resulting shadows are soft and transparent, and the illumination is much slower when illuminated with a spotlight, And even some lighting weakened very slow floodlights, looks like a light source does not produce shadows. While the spotlight projects a directional, clear boundary beam that illuminates a particular area. The floodlight is a 'point source' that can be uniformly illuminated in all directions. Its range of illumination can be adjusted to produce a shadow of the object. Floodlights are the most widely used in the effect of a light source, 'standard floodlight' is usually used to illuminate the entire scene.IP67 LED Flood Driver