Japan The Vegetable Factory Fully Automatic With LED Illumination System Highlights

According to TreeHugger website reports, Spread on a wooden Tsugawa (Kizugawa) fully automated technology farm covers an area of 3,500 square meters, is about to commence in the summer of 2016, and is scheduled for the autumn of 2017 to meet the harvest for the first time since every lettuce production would be increased to 30,000 more. Prior to this, Spread also in the city of Kameoka (Kameoka) built the first indoor farm, its daily production of 21,000 lettuce. Spread of new farm the biggest different is its fully automated farming systems overall instead of the seedling and the manpower required to harvest, effectively reducing manpower costs. Spread points out that fully automated system for this new vegetable plant to save a total of 50% manpower cost. In addition, the Spread has developed special low-cost LED lighting system for vegetable plants. These LED light low power consumption, high efficiency, as the Spread of new farm 30% to the electrical overhead. Water culture (hydroponic) and aerosol tilling (aeroponic) technology to reduce water loss to a minimum. Spread to create recycling, filtration, disinfection systems, 98% waste water can be recycled.