LED Driver For Flood Light Design

              Although the output voltage may be higher than the input voltage, the peak current mode control of the discontinuous lift voltage converter is a good choice for the LED driver. However, the use of this type of pressure converter to design the drive, led voltage changes will change the LED current, led open circuit will cause the output to produce excessive voltage, thereby damaging the converter. This paper will discuss the design of the converter used in the LED, and give a variety of methods to overcome its inherent drawbacks.LED Driver For Flood Light

              Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) have been in use for many years, and as the latest technology advances, they are becoming a powerful competitor in the lighting market. The new high-brightness LEDs have a long lifespan (about 100,000 hours) and a high efficiency (about 30 lumens/w). Over the past more than 30 years, LED light output brightness every L8 24 months will be doubled, and this growth momentum will continue, this trend is called Haitz Law, equivalent to the LED Moore's law.

In electrical terms, LEDs are similar to diodes, and they are also single wizard (although their reverse blocking capability is not very good, high reverse voltage is easily damaged (LED) and has a low dynamic impedance I characteristic similar to conventional diodes). In addition, led generally have a safe conduction when the rated current (high brightness led rated current is generally 350mA or 700mA). Through rated current, the difference of LED forward pressure drop may be larger, usually 350mA white led pressure drop between 3 and 4V.LED Driver For Flood Light

             The drive led requires a controlled DC current. In order to make the service life of LED longer, the ripple in the LED current must be very low, because the high ripple current will cause the led to have the big resistive power consumption, reduces the LED service life. LED drive circuits need to be more efficient, because the overall efficiency depends not only on the LED itself, but also on the driving circuit. The switching converters, which work in the current control mode, are ideal driving schemes to meet the high power and high-efficiency requirements of LED applications.LED Driver For Flood Light