LED Driver For Flood Light Dirt And Clean

Regularly eliminate the explosion-proof lamp shell dust and dirt, improve the luminous efficiency and cooling performance. Cleaning method can be based on the protective capacity of the lamp shell, the use of water (lamp on the mark above the yin) or wipe with a damp cloth. Spray water should be cut off the power, is strictly prohibited with a dry cloth to clean the lamp plastic shell (transparent), to prevent static electricity. Check whether the transparent parts have been traces of the impact of foreign matter, protective net whether loose, desoldering, corrosion and so on. If so, should stop using, timely maintenance replacement.LED Driver For Flood Light

Light source damage should be timely off the lights, notify the replacement, so as to avoid the light source can not start leaving the ballast and other electrical components in a long time in an abnormal state. Damp environment in the use of lamps and lanterns if the water should be promptly removed, replace the sealing parts to ensure that the protective performance of the shell. Close the application before the application of damp cloth (not too wet) light glow light back light and transparent parts to improve the luminous efficiency of lamps. In the flame-proof surface should be coated with a thin layer of 204-1 replacement rust-proof oil, cover the seal should be aware of whether the seal in the original position to play a sealed role.LED Driver For Flood Light

LED explosion-proof floodlights refers to the earthquake and other natural disasters occur when the convenience of lighting to escape the lighting, emergency lighting is a necessary equipment for escape, disaster relief, but this emergency lighting often have a defect, lighting time is short, the general Only one hour, and recently the LED industry has developed the first in China can not only meet the energy requirements in daily use, but also in the event of an emergency power to provide adequate light and lighting time for the escape, rescue the property and power system Repair the efficient emergency LED lighting.LED Driver For Flood Light

In addition, due to the sudden disappearance of normal lighting, the illumination is down a lot, people's eyes need some time to adapt to restore the confidence of the general CIE also provides lighting ratio of 40: 1, for people-intensive large areas such as shopping malls, theaters , The evacuation of the illumination increased to 5LX-11LX between the appropriate.LED Driver For Flood Light