LED Driver For Flood Light In All Areas Of The Application

LED Driver For Flood Light Due to the unique importance of LED drivers in LED applications and a wide range of user needs, LED driver ICs, which are part of the LED driver, are the key elements of the entire technology segment. Promote many manufacturers, many of them listed companies to LED driver as its main product, to the downstream industry, a large number of supply LED driver IC, LED Driver For Flood Light such as Hangzhou Silan Micro, Shenzhen Quanxin Electronics, Shenzhen Guanghua source technology, Shenzhen Microelectronics, China Resources Siwei technology, Taiwan's point of crystal technology, accumulation of science and technology, Guangpeng Technology, Taiwan Crystal Technology, Feihong, Mao Da, round and so on. In the field of industry leaders with a number of US manufacturers, such as the National Semiconductor, the United States letter, Texas Instruments, ON Semiconductor, Linear Technology, LED Driver For Flood Light Fairchild Semiconductor and so on.

LED drive power is a voltage converter that converts the power supply into a specific voltage and current to drive the LED to light. Normally, LED Driver For Flood Light the input of the LED drive power includes high voltage power frequency (ie mains), low voltage direct current, high voltage direct current, low voltage Frequency AC (such as the output of electronic transformers) and so on. While the LED drive power output is mostly with the LED forward voltage drop to change the voltage constant current source.

As the LED application almost all over the field of electronic applications, its luminous intensity, light color and on-off control and other changes are almost impossible to predict, so the LED Driver For Flood Light  will become almost one to one servo device, so that the device Family members become varied. The simplest LED driver (if so called it) may be one or several series-parallel resistive elements that divide the divider in the loop, and it does not become a separate product at all.LED Driver For Flood Light  For a more general commercial application that requires a stable constant current constant voltage output, a series of system solutions with precise power regulation capability are formed. The realization of these solutions, usually need more complex circuit design, the core is the LED driver IC integrated applications. By setting different support circuits on the periphery of the LED driver ICs, build solutions for different LED applications, small to the back of the phone and backlight lighting, large to high power LED lights and large outdoor LED display.