LED Driver For Flood Light Industry Development Overview

   Waterproof, floodlights can be waterproof, but the spotlight is difficult to do waterproof practicality, floodlights used to the outside, but the spotlights for indoor power size, floodlights can go to the maximum power than the spotlights Of the large multi-projection distance, floodlight range far more than the spotlight, irradiation area, the general floodlight area than the large spotlights, but the floodlight is condensed, it may also be smaller than the spotlights. Can be rotated angle adjustable, magnetic adsorption function, to the subsequent power display, scalable. LED Driver For Flood Light

   It is only the lighting equipment itself changes, since 2000 began to appear box-type lighting products, such as on-site exploration lighting equipment, box-type mobile lighting system, mobile box lighting, mobile multi-function lighting device to the present FW6128 multi-function Mobile lighting system. The first generation of mobile multi-function lighting device, the first generation FW6108 mobile multi-function lighting device with trolley box design, portable, pull, can be placed in the trunk of the work carried. Can be assembled on-site disassembly, easy to move from one site to another scene. The lifting rod of the lamp adopts the wrench buckle fixing and the limit, the connection line design is affixed with the clear mark and the design foolproof structure, the whole lamp is quick and easy.LED Driver For Flood Light

   Advanced engineering plastic box, impact resistance, excellent toughness and resistance to deformation, light and easy to carry. Ultra-quiet design roller, comfortable soft bag handle, suitable for long-term use. Spotlight and floodlight dual lamp configuration: a spotlight and a flood light head with the lights configuration, you can simultaneously high-brightness condenser and a wide range of flood lighting, in order to achieve the scene of the accident on the main body of the accident and the road at the same time lighting Fill light. Promise dimming technology: lighting lamp with Promise dimming technology to achieve the brightness from 0 to 100% of the Promise over the use of the scene when the real brightness according to the brightness of the lamp brightness of the heart to adjust to solve the fixed gear dimming can not be free Adjust the brightness of the situation.LED Driver For Flood Light