LED Lighting Value

The energy crisis, the greenhouse effect and the deterioration of ecological environment reminds people, the Earth is tired, change people's energy gets as well as improve energy efficiency has become the consensus of the world. Survey displayed, 2007, China society electricity about 2.421 trillion degrees, by lighting electricity accounted for society electricity of 12% calculation, 2007 China lighting electricity about 290.5 billion degrees, as China lighting device has 50% used LED lamps (by using saving 50% of low-end products calculation), annual at least can saving 72.6 billion degrees, equivalent to built 2 a three gorges power station or 8 to 9 Taiwan kW Super critical coal-fired power unit, can save power plant construction funding near billions of Yuan, Save original 12.52 million metric tons of coal a year, if a coal-fired power per watt 0.638 kg of carbon dioxide emissions when calculating each year to 46.32 million reduction in tons of carbon dioxide emissions