Performance Of LED Driver For Flood Light

      Performance Characteristics: Aesthetic optimization, dual light source design, inspiration from the High Strength telescope, the shape of the wind flow uniformity, wind resistance small, there is a strong decorative. Chip, cob light source, with high luminous efficiency, high color index, low light attenuation and so on. Glass lens, by point of professional light technology, lens coated with antireflection film, the world's first, light transmittance rate of more than 98%. Patented phase change cooling technology, patented radiator, stable performance. The irradiation area is large, the light is concentrated and uniform, without glare. Rapid start-up speed, no stroboscopic, anti-interference, not including mercury and other harmful substances, energy-saving and environmental protection; IP65, Surface spray, can be used in the outdoors for a long time, the system is >120lm/w and lasts 100,000 hours. Installation mode: hook type, rotary detachable type.LED Driver For Flood Light
     For lighting, LED lamps like a concubines of the world, always live in the shadow of the traditional lamp this Shang eldest son. LED lamp, LED bulb, LED lamp cups are infinitely close to the traditional lighting as proud, are made a small change, these subtle changes in spite of ascension and promote the popularity of LED, led from the traditional luxury fly into the ordinary people home. However, due to the traditional structure of the appearance of a variety of constraints, these changes for lighting, the most can only be said to reduce energy consumption, but led there are many other advantages did not play out. If you continue to follow this line of thinking, LED lights can only be used in the replacement, ask the current who also bought the lamp and light bulbs LED Driver For Flood Light
    Traditional lighting, lighting and light source are separated first, and then combined together, so the traditional lamp is mostly Philips and Osram light source, their own lighting combination. LED has a lot of characteristics of traditional light source is difficult to keep up, such as small size, high luminous efficiency, color adjustable and so on, these features enough to allow the led to have a greater development space, designed in addition to the lighting itself better lighting. LED lighting has been popular for several years, but led as the fourth generation of electric light, until now LED lamps have not unique to their own exclusive models.     Before the advent of LED, large-screen TV is difficult to achieve the technology, led appearance, this is not a difficult thing. But in the field of lighting, led into the at of the concubines world, you give me fluorescent tube, you give me to become incandescent bulbs and so on.LED Driver For Flood Light
   Although the energy-saving lamp light color adjustable, energy consumption reduction, the shape of the variable structure of the incandescent lamp, halogen lamps have a great change, but not environmentally friendly, energy-saving effect is not ideal is a fatal weakness, so doomed to energy-saving lamp is only a transitional product, foreign early not to it, quit the stage of history is a matter of time. Metal Halide lamp has a lot of common ground halogen lamp, enhance the luminous efficiency, the production process complex, the form of a single, high cost, so the metal halide lamp is not the best choice for lighting lamps. The ideal lighting source led debut, but also tremble shaky, why so say it is the first to do in the LED into the Quartz lamp cup, do into the fluorescent tube, into the incandescent bulb. National policy support, everyone flocked to the project, a very short period of time there is excess capacity, so the price war to attack, during this period led is imitating the traditional lamp, did not appear in the exclusive model, this is not a misguided.LED Driver For Flood Light