Promoting DAO City Lighting Engineering Efforts To Increase Street Construction

This year yilai, DAO increased street construction construction, first half of, road State Road extends paragraph street construction, installation LED Street 93 lamp; highway connection line lamp construction, installation LED Street 94 lamp; Red Star Road Street construction, installation Street 16 lamp; Xiao water road, and months rock road lights transformation engineering, demolition lights 88 lamp, new LED Street 182 lamp; road State road lights transformation engineering: demolition small lights 16 lamp, installation LED Street 28 lamp; road State North Road extends paragraph street construction, Installation LED Street 34 lamp; city high Rod lamp demolition engineering, demolition city dilapidated high Rod lamp 9 lamp; Lian Brook River on both sides of stereo bright of construction: installation voted light light, and points light, and irradiation lamp, and tiles lamp, and wash Wall lamp, and digital tube, landscape lamp a; love Lotus leisure square landscape lamp construction: installation lawn lamp, and voted light lamp, and garden lamp, landscape lamp a; West Chau Park increased profile lamp, and voted light lamp, and line lamp, landscape lamp 1 batch, Nathan Yi square increased voted light lamp, and irradiation lamp, and wash Wall lamp, landscape lamp 1 batch.