Round DriverTesting

     According to Baidu Encyclopedia: driver, English called "Device Driver", all known as "equipment Driver", is a special program that can make computer and equipment communication, can say the equivalent of hardware interface, the operating system only through this interface, can control the work of hardware equipment, If the driver for a device fails to install correctly, it will not work properly. As a result, drivers are hailed as "hardware Soul", "Hardware Master", and "bridge between hardware and systems".Round Driver

     In a software test: In a bottom-up test, you write a module called test-driven to invoke the module that is being tested. The test driver module is hooked up in the same way as the real module in the future, sending test case data to the tested module, accepting the return result and verifying that the result is correct.Round Driver

     With the rapid development of electronic technology, the performance of computer hardware is more and more powerful. The driver is a software that works directly on a variety of hardware devices, and its "driver" name also indicates its function. It is through the driver program, a variety of hardware equipment to operate normally, to achieve the established work effect.Round Driver

     Hardware if the driver is missing the driver, then the original performance is very powerful hardware can not be issued according to the instructions of the software to work, the hardware is empty a skill can not play, no use. At this time, the computer, as the ancients said, "Everything is all right, only the East wind," The role of the "East Wind" falls on the driver. So it seems that the driver is really important in computer use.Round Driver