The Adjustment Of LED Driver For Flood Light

    LED floodlight LED light beam structure. The use of high brightness imported chips, high brightness, low energy consumption, low heat, life expectancy of 50000H, can be divided into monochrome, colorful color two, shell material: high-pressure cast aluminum shell, 4mm tempered safety glass characteristics: symmetrical and asymmetric two kinds of light selection, glare control good. Lamp electrical integration, lightweight and beautiful shape, simple installation. Dust-proof waterproof grade IP65.LED Driver For Flood Light

    Voltage: 220V/110V/24V/12V, LED light source: 1W, 3W high power led, high-power led projection light irradiation distance up to 5-30 meters, especially for landscape building building, outdoor square, metope, display brush color. Color: Red/yellow/blue/green/white/colorful color and other effects. Through the rich and colorful combination of light and water, create a sense of smart, bring you fantastic mood. Power: 6-54w lamps with different power in different environments. The latest introduction of LED projection lamp power gradually increased, including 50WLED projection lights, 70WLED projection lights, 100WLED projection lights, 150WLED lights, 200WLED light, 250WLED projection lights, 350WLED projection lights, 450WLED projection lights. Provides great flexibility for customer application choices.LED Driver For Flood Light

    LED Floodlight is a point light that can be evenly illuminated in all directions, its irradiation range can be arbitrarily adjusted, in the scene is shown as a positive eight-body diagram. Floodlight is one of the most widely used light sources in the production of effect diagrams, and the standard floodlight is used to illuminate the whole scene. Many floodlight can be used in the scene to produce better results. Floodlight is the most widely used in the effect diagram of a light source, in the scene can be used to coordinate the role of multiple floodlight, in order to achieve a better effect. is to illuminate an object evenly from a particular point to each direction.LED Driver For Flood Light

    Attention to the installation of sealing, poor tightness, the diameter of the LED floodlight of the service life; LED floodlight light wiring preferably no more than 25 cm, transformer power can be long, otherwise affect brightness. Use the series led form as far as possible, because the LED floodlight voltage difference is special. The peak current of the ordinary LED is maintained at 80 ma, the reverse voltage is up and down in 6V, in the LED application should pay attention to the design circuit peak voltage and current at this limit.LED Driver For Flood Light