The Role Of Round Driver

            Drivers generally refer to device drivers, which are special programs that enable computers and devices to communicate. Equivalent to the hardware interface, the operating system only through this interface, to control the work of hardware equipment, if the driver of a device is not properly installed, it will not work properly. As a result, the driver is likened to "hardware Soul", "Hardware Master", and "the bridge between hardware and systems".Round Driver

           With the rapid development of electronic technology, the performance of computer hardware is more and more powerful. The driver is a software that works directly on a variety of hardware devices, and its "driver" name also indicates its function. It is through the driver program, a variety of hardware equipment to operate normally, to achieve the established work effect.

Hardware if the driver is missing the driver, then the original performance is very powerful hardware can not be issued according to the instructions of the software to work, the hardware is empty a skill can not play, no use. At this time, the computer, as the ancients said, "Everything is all right, only the East wind," The role of the "East Wind" falls on the driver. So it seems that the driver is really important in computer use.Round Driver

           In theory, all hardware devices need to be installed with the appropriate drivers to function properly. But like CPU, memory, motherboard, floppy drive, keyboard, monitor and other devices do not need to install the driver can also work properly, and video card, sound card, network card, etc. but must install the driver, otherwise it will not work properly. Why is that?

This is mainly because these hardware are required for a personal computer, so early designers listed them as hardware that the BIOS can support directly. In other words, the above hardware installation can be directly supported by the BIOS and operating system, no need to install drivers. From this perspective, the BIOS is also a driver. But for other hardware, such as network adapters, sound cards, video cards, and so on, you have to install the drivers, or the hardware won't work.

           Of course, not all drivers are operating on actual hardware, and some drivers are just auxiliary systems, such as some of the drivers in Android that provide the functions of the operating system, which are not standard drivers for Linux systems such as Ashmen, binder, etc.Round Driver