Trend Development Of IP65 LED Flood Driver

    The use of independent intellectual property rights packaging single integrated high-power LED (5w-300w) as a source of light, the use of a unique multiple chip integrated single module light source design, the selection of imported high-brightness semiconductor chip, with high thermal conductivity, light failure small, light color pure, no ghosting and other characteristics; unique radiator design, and the perfect combination of electrical box, effectively spread the heat conduction, thereby reducing the temperature in the lamp body, and effectively ensure the light source and power supply life; Anodic oxidation and anti-corrosion treatment on the surface of the radiator, compact and beautiful structure , anti-corrosion, waterproof, dustproof performance is good, energy-saving effect is obvious, using high-power IP65 LED Flood Driver    

   LED light source equipped with imported high-efficiency power supply, compared with sodium lamp can save more than 70%.IP65 LED Flood Driver
Green environmental pollution-free, not including lead, mercury and other pollution elements, no pollution to the environment; All kinds of light color can be selected to meet the needs of different environments, to eliminate the traditional lamp color temperature is high or low caused by the depression, so that the visual feeling comfortable, improve workers working efficiency; constant current constant pressure control, the applicable voltage width (ac85v-270v) overcomes the power grid, noise pollution and the light instability caused by ballast, avoids the stimulation and fatigue in the work, the decorative effect is very good, uses the special surface treatment craft, the appearance may choose many colors, installs simply, Easy disassembly and wide application.IP65 LED Flood Driver
    Floodlight lamp is a floodlight with waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion properties. Generally can be in all kinds of large-scale industrial and mining enterprises, electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, Plaza, station, airport, Wharf, construction site, high-rise building fa├žade, city lighting, sports venues, shopping malls and other indoor and outdoor lights used in the floodlights are generally lamps. Floodlight characteristics: Life-span only depends on the quality grade of electronic components, circuit design and the manufacturing process of foam body, the General Service life can reach 60,000 ~ million hours.IP65 LED Flood Driver
    Energy-saving: compared with the incandescent lamp, energy-saving up to 75%, 85W of the floodlight's luminous flux and 500W incandescent light flux is roughly equal. Environmental protection: It uses a solid mercury agent, even if the break will not cause pollution to the environment, more than 99% of the recovery, is the true green light source. No strobe: Because of its high frequency of work, it is regarded as "no stroboscopic effect", will not cause eye fatigue, protect the health of the eyes. Color is good: three floodlight color index is greater than 80, light color soft, showing the natural color of the object. Color temperature Optional: From the 2700k~6500k by the customer according to the need to choose, and can be made into color light bulbs, used for garden decorative lighting.IP65 LED Flood Driver
    The visible light ratio is high: in the emitted light, the visible light ratio is above 80%, the visual effect is good. No preheating required. can start and restart immediately, multiple switches will not have a common electric discharge lamp in the light decay phenomenon. Excellent electrical properties: high power factor, low current harmonics, constant voltage power supply, output constant luminous flux. Installation adaptable: can be installed in any location, unrestricted.IP65 LED Flood Driver